Sunday, 2 August 2015

Redefest 2015

This year the only outdoors festival for which I'm doing a workshop is Redefest. And I'm happy because it's the best year yet.

In preparation I got the kids from Kids Kabin to cut down 46 willow trees from the lovely willow maze that is permanently on site. This was the first challenge they had to perform in order to then get some tents to sleep in on Thursday night!

Then on Saturday morning, student volunteers Rebecca, Ruby and Echo came with me to help dig holes and plant this willow into a traditional maze shape, slap bang in the middle of the festival.

half way
Then we tied string between the trees to make the walls, and friendly helpers Chris and Nathan helped us finish it off.
After that, we set up a table for painting and drawing, and used the willow maze-cum-race track as the exhibition space. The sun shone, hundreds of people came, and we felt good about contributing a nice free activity to a lovely grassroots festival. One to savour!

I've uploaded a few video clips to youtube:
Volunteers constructing the mini maze here and here.
The time trial being attempted here.
The ukulele orchestra producing an Elvis medley here.
And the Ceilidh here.

And here are some panoramas of the festival. There were so many young people there, and all the generations mixing: grandparents playing with diablos while tribes of children picked through the spare willow stalks and made up games to chase around with.

Thankyou to all the volunteers who organised Redefest, it was perfect this year!



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