Monday, 17 August 2015

Three Zines You Should Get

Last weekend I went to the Leeds Zinefair that Footprint organise, in a deconsecrated church now called the Left Bank, in Headingley.

Good folk from Newcastle were there, and also various other familiar friendly faces that I haven't built up or retained close friendships with. That's a factor about zine fairs: they're a lot about social interaction and for someone introspective and introvert like me, that makes them quite an occasion. I always get butterflies before, and gabble a certain amount of shit in my excitement when I'm there. I always leave with a mix of nostalgia and missed opportunity. Nice, huggable nostalgia, and only vague and unrealisable missed opportunity. So it's all good, and good brain food for the likes of me.

The quality of zines has surged in the last couple of years. My impression is that zine fairs and the culture they represent took a dip last year (2014), but in 2015 the scene is as strong and the paper artefacts as inspiring as ever. Maybe people spent the year getting good work done. 

I would even stick adjectives like luminous and sublime to zines. You see I'm smitten, and I hope I'm smitten for life.

I might do a second blog for other great and recommended zines, there were so many. A personal highlight for me was the centrala comics stall, all high-spec production, full colour beauty, comics in the European mould (mold?) that I love. Hence this pic :

This blog post however, is to tell you, advise you, plead with you, to get three zines in particular.
Number one :
Number two :
 Number three :

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