Sunday, 17 January 2016

This : Snow

This is my first blog post of 2016, and my first for 6 months.
I did write others last year but technical glitches made it difficult to upload them.
I might add them this year: one this, one that. This year that year This blog that blog.
But we'll see. Anything that takes future effort is an unreliable presumption.

It snowed yesterday evening as I drank in the house, so when I slept off my hangover I opened the curtains to find this cake topping: proper winter's here at last.

The walk up the hill showed the whole parish covered.

The building site where Once Brewed Youth Hostel used to be and The Sill will be.

I discovered an invasion of Christmas trees up the hill.

The hills and the sky looked bloody lovely.

And while snow is a poor material for clear footprints, it shows us a lot more animal tracks. I went following a few, trying to distinguish cats from wild things, rabbits from sheep.

This lovely star is my favourite printshape of the day.

And this ash tree my favourite nature-built sculpture.

The oak mayn't look too much, but it sounded gorgeous : delicate but kind of overwhelming in its complexity - your ear can't trace the patterns or boundaries of the sounds, leaving your brain a bit bewildered, out of its depth and trying to evade concentration.

I should confess I'd had a couple of pints in the Twice Brewed Inn, with old friends, and it was my first encounter in three days with people I knew.

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