Monday, 28 November 2011

Last call for Opinionated Geordie Monsters Number 5!

Deadline for Geordie Monsters reviewing local bands, national bands touring locally, drunks singing in the pub, or the sound of the voices in your head, is December 1st!

Anyone can draw a monster, and everyone gains something from live music, so get out your pencils, give your auntie a felt-tip, and let rip with some opinion of what that band sounded like & how it made you feel. Was it a good-looking audience, did they smell fresh, were you happy to be in their company, or did you feel nauseous and that your soul was draining out through your feet? Tell us, share it, be an opinionated geordie monster!

- Email your review to oldglen at or post to 42 Curtis road, NE4 9BH

I am now tweeting, one-per-week-day, Opinionated Geordie Monster Reviews from the past year (thanks to Andy Waugh for the suggestion). So follow @mrmrduckett if you want to see what you've missed on paper.

And here's an update of the bands so far reviewed by geordie monsters, adding to the list begun here:

Issue 3

That Fucking Tank
Witches' Revenge
Lani Singers
Roma Dance Troupe
The Levellers
The Wonderstuff
No Fit State
Milky Wimpshake
The Gospel According to Jonathan Lee
Silo Portem
Design a Wave
John Maus
The Turing Test
John playing fiddle
Sea of Bees
John Grant
Sarabeth Tucek
Sufjan Stevens
Sleeping Dog
Gordon McIntryre
Withered hand
Nev Clay
The Folk Trail
Motion Tourist
Tomahawks for Targets
Lanterns on the Lake
The Mountain Goats

Issue 4

'Some dude with some toys'
Newcastle Community Green Festival
Ben Howard
The Travelling Band
Ovingham Goose Fair
Winter North Atlantic
Emily Portman
Brass band on the Carlisle-Newcastle train
Sea of Bees
Skylark Song
Jamie Ball, North Terrace acoustic night
Irish Folk Session, Cumberland Arms
Beauty Pageant
Richmond Fontaine
Josef van Wissem
Richard Dawson
Hapsburg Braganza
Blackbeard's Tea Party
Unwelcome Guests
The 255s
Milky Wimpshake
Tide of Iron
Young Liar
Jessica Lamb
Shonen Knife
Pale Man Made
Silver Fox
The Low Anthem
Here Comes Good Sailing
Galtres Festival (Eureka Machines, Littlmores, The Fear. The Summits)
Willy Mason

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