Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Malta Zine 2 - yikes, could it be my last?

Feel the drama - I'm skint (& in a bad mood today) and doubting whether I should keep pushing my life onto other people with mass printed free zines. So as I write a post-dated cheque for Malta Zine 2 I'm telling myself "DON'T give it away for free, Mike, at least get money back for it." So it's a quid if you want it, and if not it will also be a store to reappear on stalls and suchlike for years to come. But not left on buses or in pubs this time. Not a world-shattering break, you might think, but for me, free is a part of my philosophy of life and it's a resentment-feeling that I'm left with as I think "no, pound each". (Fellow Raptorcampers will of course get them free).

If you want one, come to the Canny Comic Con on Saturday 10th December at Newcastle Central Library. Many great things will await you there (plus it's free and never happened in Newcastle before and will be a lot of fun, h'ra).

But dammit it makes you feel pleasure to give things away. It makes you feel like you're as bad as them scumsucking ad execs if you try and sell what you do...

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