Sunday, 13 May 2012

Elvis Zine

I recently told myself to stop trying to make so many zines, cos they're all messy and a bit 'niche' and I really should grow up and focus on some other things in life.

As usual, I appear to have completely ignored my resolution and have 4 new zines out this next week or so.

No 1. is the Minicomics to Malta 12page minicomic that I blogged about in the last post about an hour ago. It was to tie in with Newcastle's mini comics event at the city library, and intended as part of a 'you post to me and I'll post to you' exchange. But I messed up a bit (sunday and mayday in Malta having no available photocopiers, doh!) and so there was a slight delay. Still, I did a few copies, they're out there, and they ARE done in a nifty 12page fold that I'm still impressed with.

No 2. is Malta Zine 3, due back from the printers this coming week. 80 copies, almost-square shape, less-than-A5 size. As usual, I made it to give to other camp participants for free, plus I'll add it to Malta Zines 1 & 2 in an ever-updated package which I'll stick on bigcartel someday soon. For those who don't know, the Malta Zines are an illustrated diary featuring snippets from the Birdlife Malta international camps, which aim to protect migrating birds from gun-toting killers as they fly from Africa to Europe & back in their epic journeys. Write to me and I will happily post you one.

No 3. is the Pagan Geordie Yearbook, my most ambitious and thought-through of the current batch. It features rants, some of which have appeared on this blog over the last year or two, and extra things like site visits to ancient sacred places in Northumberland, and some historical and, well, I'll announce it all when I truly finish it. Still got the title page and a couple of little bits to go.

No.4 is Elvis Zine! My second zine about a cat, but this time a cat I've never met, called Elvis, who lives in Manchester. 

My friend Eleanor (who lives with said cat) was up in Northumberland this weekend so we got on the old typewriter and we made some crossword clues and I've conducted a postcard interview with Elvis, and it's a fold-out double-sided A3 jobbie that I will be posting down to Manchester in readiness for this weekend's Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention. I'm not going to be there (due to a walk in Haltwhistle), so if you go and you pick up a copy of the free Elvis Zine, do send me a picture so I feel like I'm involved! It features bodily fluids, kidnap and death plus - let's not forget - a postcard interview with a Mancunian cat. How often does the commercial mainstream world create such a cultural artefact, huh? HUH?

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