Thursday, 17 May 2012

I wanna be a cartoon postman!

I was walking along Grainger St in Newcastle when I thought "I'm free on Tuesday afternoon, what can I do instead of have a job?"

The solution was suggested by the fact that it is International Mini Comics day on the 26th May (although we had already done our mini comics event in April). Tuesday is the 22nd, close enough.

The idea is this:

- I get a pack of blank postcards.
- I deliver said postcards to retailing members of staff at a few places I go into regularly (Travelling Man Comics Shop, Beatdown Records, Details, the Settle Down, Mailboxes etc..).
- I cajole, beg, or mumble-until-they-do-it-to-make-me-go-away them into drawing something on those postcards.
- I deliver the drawn-upon postcards to the next shop, who complete the picture, story, whatever.

And maybe the resulting collection will achieve some unity out of the chaotic interaction and I will stick a mini comic together out of them.

So, citizens of Newcastle, on Tuesday 22nd May, PEOPLE WHO RETAIL WILL HAVE DRAWN THINGS WITH EACH OTHER!
Without even knowing who each other are, and for no particular reason except that I do not have a proper job.

Happy Mini Comics Day!

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  1. The day passed, things were drawn, and some of the results are scanned in and commented upon at