Thursday, 21 January 2010

2010 begins with zines

The Newcastle Zine Review is trying to be delivered to me - 300 freebies to cast out around toon.
{since arrived, and I've left stacks in travelling man, the head of steam, the star & shadow, the tanners arms, the ship, the cluny, the cumberland, the free trade & the tyne}

There is a Star & Shadow volunteers zine being coordinated by Debbie
{deadline now passed & I was amazed how MUCH stuff was contributed, plus it touched me to read people enthuse about this place that I also love, so much I got a wet eye!}

There is an Arthurs Hill poetry zine being coordinated by Bethan & people.
{I've just written a first attempt at my contribution, about my old beloved house}

Plus I've agreed to do a zine trail as part of the P.R.E.S.S. events at the Washington Arts Centre (and will no doubt haunt the 24hour comic thing at the Tyneside in March).

Also plus I've proposed a regular craftycreative slot at the Star & Shadow once a month
{waiting for responses from other volunteers.}

And here are a few pics from the hybrid zine we already made this year in the star & shadow, in the far corner of the room from where the Wobblies were meeting last saturday.

Here are 4 local zines that have been made already this year, since the zine review went to print.

Turps is great, from N.Shields in a run of 50 & found in the Star & Shadow. A collaborative effort of varying tone & quality, but I really liked some bits. I was also v.happy in my tour of the toon, dropping off zines, to discover the Turps people had got there ahead of me much of the time. Yay, we zinesters are not alone!
Hello my old winter blues is a CJ one, probably from just before crimbo. He's also just done one about the police. He must be after the award for 'most prolific zinester of 2010, after I placed him at a lowly 3rd for 2009, heh heh!
I'm about to read the latest kino bambino on the bus to see the vivian girls at the cluny.
The Hybrid A3 poster/zine effort was done by me, Laura, Mark, Tamzin & Selma, & I think some of us found it quite hard work.

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