Sunday, 24 January 2010

A Present for Elodie

Elodie was a girl who lived in newcastle and made a zine called applejack. I don't think I ever met her, but one thing about the zine that I thought was fantastic was that it was mostly in French, reviewing local bands etc.. in a language that most local people couldn't read. Genius! Plus the zine was very nicely craftily made with flowers and much talk of love.

She's since left town, and I thought it might be a really nice gift out of the blue to post her a zine inspired by applejack, in that everything's written in a different language, so I'm asking everyone to write a v.short piece (50 or 60 words is totally enough) about anything to do with newcastle, local music, the mood you're in today, what you can see out the window - anything! If possible, write it by hand (cos her zine was mostly handwritten, I think), and in lines no longer than you could fit on a postcard. If you don't have a title for your bit, then feel free to write 'a present for Elodie' in your chosen language.

I plan to stick everything onto an A4 sheet that can then fold out. Print 100 copies and leave them around town.

And on the very night I was enthusing about this idea to most of you, I learnt from Luke that the actual real person Elodie is returning on a visit to Newcastle this Thursday. Serendipity in action! So there's your deadline - something about anything written by Thursday, then I'll try collect them off people and photocopy them Saturday morning to distro and give to her on Saturday night.

Languages so far include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish, Greek & Finnish. If you would like to contribute something, email me at the usual - sorry for the tight deadline but there's no point loitering when spring's on it's way.

"A present for Elodie" is out and has found its way into Elodie's hands - she was spotted at the Withered Hand/O'Messy Life gig at the Morden Tower, and so I included pics of that gig in the final mini-zine, which I very happily gave and met her at the Cumberland the next night, for Chronicity/Shin Jin Rui on the 31st Jan.

Yay! Even my girlfriend had a moment of jealousy, and it's the first zine for which I've used space stickers!

I'm still lacking a scanner, but one day, one day ...

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