Friday, 1 January 2010

Newcastle Zine Review 2010

Okay, the snow has cancelled work for me, so I've been able to get on and cut n paste the zine review together. Should be ready to post to the printers tomorrow.

It's basically split into three sections, first and last pages about DIY news & events; middly pages reviews of zines; v.centre pages some pictures of gigs.

I did have lots of content posted up here but I've deleted it now to clean up cyberspace!

Contents of the DIY events section:

Do It Yourself Fun n Games

Top 10 Ways to have free fun in 2010
House Gigs, by CJ
Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens’ Fanzine Project, by Natalie
P.R.E.S.S., by Leonie
Pink-covered feminist zines, by Paula
DIY Aye!, by CJ
The Paper Jam Collective

CCTV Treasure Hunt
The Manual Zine
Story Zine, by Anna
Hybrid Zines
Wor Diary
Skipping - Taking stuff from bins in 2009 - by marian
My Anarchist Pilgrimage

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