Monday, 10 May 2010

DIY cubed

A select group of us made postcards out of cut up stuff & chatted. A half dozen things set off thru the post.Mike at the cinema makes guitars out of planks of wood (DIY 1). Roger was asked to take it back to the west end on his bike (DIY 2) but had no bag, so he made this contraption out of bits of cardboard & string from behind the bar (DIY cubed).

When this postcard (below) arrived, however, almost all the text had been somehow rubbed off in the post. Compare what arrived (left) with a copy of what was sent (right).
So the only text remaining was this, on Hadrian's shoulder:
Which is a shame, because the beauty was in the detail, below, all from a free London paper to record a passage through the metropolis's streets and their history:
So think on the ideas that are lost in the post:

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