Monday, 3 May 2010

Mail Art this Saturday

Here's one of my new york postcards which made it okay thru the post to a friend:

Hi, this Saturday's creative-crafty session will definitely take place at the Star & Shadow (I had to cancel the last one), so if you fancy coming down for a cup of coffee and a play with scissors and glue and pens I will see you there!

The plan this week is to do mail art. This can be as simple as drawing a stick man on the back of an envelope you're going to post, to a full on masterpiece painted around the address label.

You need to bring:

- an address to send your mail art to! (remember that old friend...)
- any tools to help you (paints, stamps, wax, anything I might not have brought)

I will bring:

- postcards & addresses
- crayons, paint, pens etc..
- a few pre-stamped packages I need to send to America, which will be the focus of my decoration

Let me know if you might be there!

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