Friday, 28 May 2010

JOIN IN - living on the beach after the London Zine Symposium

In 12 hours time I'll be on a train to London for the zine symposium, where i'll give out zines for free and spend probably £100 on other peoples' zines (economics isn't my strong point)


The day after the london zine symposium, I intend to get the bus from newcastle to the beach and sand dune system that runs in an almost continuous line up to scotland. i will camp on the beach, doodle and drink coffee away from the city (unless it rains). This will become my next zine (probably a mini zine), and i would like you to be a part of it by giving me a post address (uk only) that i can send a postcard to.

I will just take a photo of some element of your postcard and include that in the zine so your effort is minimal to say the least!

It might be a doodle of a puffin, or a moan about feeling lonely, but it will be from the dunes, and the sand, and the early morning birdprints and seals in the water.

You HAVE to tell me by sunday 6pm or i will actually be living on the beach and unable to see your address! email = oldglen at
(Say hi if you're at the zine symposium too!)

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