Monday, 10 May 2010

It's my life.

Laura at Washington on 10th April,
and a zombie gingerbread man.

This pic is not from making a zine, just my daily scrapbook diary.
I am truly obsessive.

A blackbird fledgling was stuck on the ground in our yard for a day or two. Its mum kept visiting it, and this thoughtless brothersister here kept coming too, showing off how heshe had learnt how to fly and cheeping, thus calling attention for the sake of the local cats. Present locations unknown, but spring is FINE this year.

The paper jam collective are doing a music compilation combined with a comics anthology, in which people (like me, perhaps like you) draw 2 pages inspired by a local band's song. My first attempt was a kind of critical response to the casual terrorist's song "anarchists make better lovers" which is our guilty pleasure but which has some dubious lyrics. However, I have changed my mind about this now, and so this draft comic below is spare, loose, hanging (page 2 of 2):

I posted zines off to the USA today, & made sure the packaging was good-looking.

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